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Power: 3 W (1 * 3 W)
Number of speakers: 1
Speakers Diameter: 1 * 43mm
Frequency Range: 130 Hz - 18 kHz
Signal to noise ratio: 70-85 dB
Built-in battery: 3.7V lithium polymer
Battery capacity: 800 mAh
Charging Port: Micro-USB
Charging voltage: 5V DC 1-2A
Battery life: up to 3 hours (at 60% volume level)
Time to full charge: up to 2 hours
Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
Hands-free: Yes
USB Flach: Yes (Up to 32GB)
TWS mode combining two devices
Wireless coverage: up to 10 meters
Degree of protection: IP67
Operating temperature: 0 +50 ° C
Weight: 154
Dimensions H x W x D: 85 x 85 x 48 mm