How long should I charge my power bank?

It depends on power bank's capacity, input amperage and adapter's amperage. E.g. if your power bank's capacity is 10000 mA/h, amperage is 1A and adapter's amperage is also 1A then it should take not less then 10 hours to charge.

What is the warranty period for the cable?

There is no warranty for the accessories.


I can't charge sPhone One

- Check if phone lock if off (the switch is on the left lateral side of the phone, it should be in the down position)
- Try to charge phone for one hour using 1-2A adapter

Kid's Watches

There is no synchronization between watch and application

If your watch has no contacts in it's phone book, geolocation is not working (or you can see only outdated location on the map), possibly the time is not correct you should do the following:
1. Reset the watch (send us QR-code to, title the e-mail "There is no synchronization between watch and application", and mention int the text that you want us to reset the watch, we will do reset from our side)
2. Bind the watch with the APP, please make sure the watch SIM card number is correct. And then power on the watch if the watch was off.
3. Send a SMS message from the mobile phone to the watch SIM card number, message text should be: #862182,SETIP:,11445
4. Power off the watch
5. Power on the watch and then test if the watch can work with the APP.

How to power off the watch?

1. Take out the SIM-card.
2. Press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds.

What if the APP can't scan the QR-code?

1. Try to do it a well-lighted place or shorten the distance between the watch and the phone
2. You can enter the code manually

What OS supports the application?

iOS 7.0+, Android 5.0+.

Why not everybody cat call the watch?

That's for safety reasons. Only a person from the predefined (in the APP) list can call the watch.

How to change the administrator in the APP?

1. It is possible to pass the admin rights to the subadmin (so a person you want to pass the admin rights should be a subadmin)
2. Login the APP as admin, open "Family contacts", choose the contact you want to pass the admin rights and press "Pass the admin rights".

How to delete a contact from the watch phone book?

Login the APP as admin. open "Family contacts", choose the contact and press Delete in the opened window.

Why the watch is warming up?

That happens sometimes while charging.

What is admin login?

If you have registered in the APP via phone then admin login is a phone number without a country code.
If you have registered in the APP via e-mail then your e-mail.

How to reboot the watch?

1. Take out a SIM-card
2. Turn on the watch
3. Let the call button would be "1" and off button "2". Press 12121122 to reboot the watch.

How to make a call via EG?

Double pressing SOS button then choose a contact and a long pressing SOS button.

What if I inserted a SIM-card incorrectly?

Take the SIM-card out using a clip.

What if I press SOS button but after a try to call administrator the watch does not call the other contacts?

That can happen if automatic responder is on on the admin's phone account.

What if other family contacts do not receive geo zone messages?

To received geo zone messages one should have the APP installed on his phone and also should be a subadmin.

How to install SIM-card correctly?

Please consult the quick guide and follows the instructions.

What mobile operator to choose?

Any which supports 2G internet.

What type of SIM-card should I use?

Micro SIM with 2G internet access.

What traffic volume does the watch need?

Approximately 30Mb per month. It depends on usage activity.

How to add more then 16 contacts in the watch phone book?

From 17th to 26th contact you can add using pairing function. Please see the quick guide for this function. These are the the watch owners' contacts.

These is an error while registering via e-mail: "Incorrect phone number"

Enter the phone number without country code (e.g. not +79991234567 but 9991234567)

Is it possible to call from one watch to another?

If you add watch contact via pairing function you will be able to send voice messages only. But you can add watch numbers as family contact via the APP in this case it would be possible to make calls.

My watch doesn't detect a SIM-card

Try to do the following;
1. Power off and then power on the watch.
2. If that did't help try to use another mobile operator SIM-card.

It's always busy when calling the watch

Check if the phone number starts from the plus sign.

There is an error in geo positioning.

The normal margin of error
GPS - 10-50 meters
WiFi - 50-200 meters
LBS - 100-1000 meters


Where can find QR-code for VR-glasses setup?

Almost all VR-glasses has virtual screen distance and focal distance manual adjustment. So actually you don't need QR-code. At the moment your application requests you to scan a QR-code just skip it.
But it you want you can setup your VR-glasses using a QR-code (or you have VRS или VRR model) follow this link and setup you VR-glasses according to the instructions.
You can also use standard setup QR-codes for HIPER VR-glasses below.









What smartphone models support Head Tracking and 360° video?

Smartphones with gyroscope and accelerometer support Head Tracking technology and 360° video. You can check if you smartphone has gyroscope and accelerometer using Sensor Box for Android In any case you can watch 3D video and Youtube using any smartphone.